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​        ASANAI for life is a Spiritual wellness retreat haven located in the rainforest heart of Costa Rica. It sits on a mountain top 600 meters above sea level with panoramic views as far as the eye can see to majestic mountains and valleys. ASANAI was created from the desire to live a holistic and organic  lifestyle in tune with the natural cycles of the Universe and Pachamama. A sacred safe space to aid those in search of a deeper meaning and connection to Mother Nature’s spirit. ASANAI will guide you on your journey towards healing and awakening.  We provide nourishing organic meals and beverages, Yoga, Qigong, Reiki, Acupuncture, nature walks and Meditation as well as plant medicine to detoxify and regenerate body, soul and mind.

        Immerse your being in the rain forest hiking trails surrounded by the sounds of the wind whispering thru the trees.  Wake up to a symphony of nature  songs  of  diverse birds and the Congo monkeys howling in the mist. At night indulge in the stars and towns city lights or reflect by the fire in a drum circle.

          ASANAI for Life allows you to design your own retreat, whether by yourself or in a group.  Facilitate a workshop, seminar or private event for your clients, family and friends.  Host a Yoga teacher training program or a Continuing Education Seminar. We can help you create a family reunion or a wedding event. It currently holds space for small groups to provide a more personal attention. Maximum capacity of 14 guests. 


     We had a vision of a dream we wish to share. Come, let us show you.


In Love and Light

         Nancy Irizarry and Audrey Denise Lagares Lama

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